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  • meet the owner
  • T. Alix Estrada
    I'm Alix Estrada (or "Toolie" as some of my friends and family call me). I've loved design ever since I was kid, and have been designing professionally for over 15 years. I'm continually expanding my web design and development skills, as I passionately enjoy building web sites.
  • I have two great kids and a terrific husband who can build or fix anything (except a website)! I'll shamelessly plug his business here, White Knight Construction, because he's the best at what he does!
  • I love putting people and services together, and helping small businesses grow. My goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, as their success is important to me. Please contact me to help with your web site needs in any way.

Web Studio 180 is a web site design, development and maintenance studio specializing in small businesses. We are also a small business, so we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis.

We have many partners we work with to build unique, professional websites at an affordable price. Our goal is to create a website where you provide the content and we provide the "WOW!"

  • meet christy

  • Christy Miller
  • I'm Christy Miller and have just recently joined the team at Web Studio 180.
  • I started out studying graphic design and photography in college. My career has naturally evolved to the web and I adore web design and development.
  • I've been working on websites for over 10 years and stay motivated and excited by researching and learning what's new on the horizon.

our purpose

A company's web site is the doorway to their business. If it doesn't make a good impression, it reflects on the business in general, and potential customers may not return.

On the other hand, a beautifully-designed site, reflecting the spirit and personality of the company can draw customers in. As a visitor to one of our sites says, "The web site is awesome...one of the best designs I have ever seen. It was the exquisite presentation that really consummated my interest."

Our purpose is for our clients' sites to stand out as unique, professional, easy to navigate, and to truly represent the spirit and personality of their business in the finest way possible.

what's different about us?

full service

You can't be an expert in everything – We work with partners who are specialists so we can provide the best expertise possible in all areas of web design and development. This allows us to offer services such as video production and product photography that most web design firms don't offer.

usability services

In addition to having over 10 years of experience, the owner of Web Studio 180 is a Web Usability Specialist with a certificate from the University of Washington's User Centered Design program.

customer service

We take the time to meet with and interview each of our clients to ensure that we design a web site that meets each client's unique needs. Sometimes these meetings are via phone and email, as we have clients from all over the country - some of whom we have never met in person! Just take a look at the comments from our clients to see how we excel in customer service.


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