At Web Studio 180, we commit to lasting relationships with our clients. As such, we do all the little extras to keep them happy. We're proud of the following feedback from our clients and their customers.

Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (F.I.S.H.)

Love the new site! Thank you for your patience with our evolving needs. I particularly appreciate how you were able to take our input about so many facets of our organization and arrange the information in such a way that it is attractive, user-friendly and intuitive. The site design is stunning and does an excellent job communicating our many programs to visitors. Thank you! - Gestin Suttle, Executive Director

Pilates Classic

You are the BEST! You have been such a pleasure to work with and have such great, creative ideas. You always found a way to add some punch to my website and helped guide me in the right direction when it came time to make content decisions. You gave my website the professional look I wanted (which certainly came in handy when I was starting a business and totally clueless, really!) Thanks so much!!!!! - Molly Beebe

My website is absolutely exactly what I wanted in every way; it really reflects the image I want for my company and has made me so excited to introduce new designs and kind of re-invent things. Just wanted to know you were my first happy thought of the day!!!!! - Molly Beebe (about her redesign)

Karate West

The website is absolutely fantastic, easy to navigate, very informative and very classy!!
Excellent web site - I REALLY like it - very cool!
Great job on the website! Looks absolutely fantastic. Very well done.
It has been so much fun working with you! I will let everyone know about your customer service!!! - Jan Holeman

Extreme Fitness Kickboxing

Web Studio 180 has been an important part of the success of our company. As a business owner, I no longer have to worry about my site because I know it will be done right the first time, every time. Thank you for the great partnership! - Monte Montemayor

Port Ludlow Condos

It looks FABULOUS! You did a terrific job. Thank you so much.

Case By Case Pet Services &
Fire-N-Ice Australian Shepherds

It has been such a pleasure working with Alix the past 3 years. In fact I loved the Case by Case site she designed so much, I am having her design my new Fire-N-Ice Australian Shepherd site.

Over the years I have had many clients tell me one of the reasons they selected Case by Case for their pet sitting needs is due to the web site. Personally I love how the animals move as you mouse over the buttons.
- Marcy Barbour

Cascade Pest Control and Living Awareness

Alix not only has the expertise that I need and rely on, but she consistently brings her whole self – conscientiously – to every project she does for me. This is the difference that makes all the difference. Her care, concern and heart is added to her technical genius. I selfishly hope few people discover her so she's always fully available to me. Of course, that won't happen. You can't keep a bright light under wraps for long. - Kurt Treftz

Hoshide Williams

The web site gets so many compliments. We have had calls from people who only know us from the web.

Garlic Garden

Thank you again for such fantastic service.


The site is colorful and the design is very appealing. It is simple to navigate and I found all of the information about the product that I needed very easily. It has great features for kids and parents. I would give it an A+. The web-designer did a very good job.



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